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Tanning service.

Find the level that fits you

Whether you're looking to keep the tan you currently have, or you're hoping to get a shade darker before a big vacation, you can choose the level of tanning that's right for you. At Tanorama, we have three levels to fit the needs of everyone.

Tanning booth options:

  • REG= 4,000 watts / 40 bulbs / 15 minute max / Level 1

  • VHR= 8,640 watts / 54 bulbs / 10 minute max / Level 2

  • 220=13,200 watts / 60 bulbs / 8 minute max / Level 3

"The girl at the counter was nice and they have all sorts of magazines, baby wipes, hairspray, have a makeover at the counter sort of stuff for before or after tanning.  It's convenient, cheap, and it definitely does the job!"

- Becky M

Trust the tanning salon that's been around for over 30 years.


Can't decide which level to use?

Let us help. Our knowledgeable staff can help assess your tanning desires and provide insight to the booth that will yield the best results. Call or stop by today.

Maintain your color all year long

Tanning service. Tanning service. Tanning service.